Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Stage

192* for Dr. Naidu
193* the ambulance trip to Regina from Estevan (even though it was a gong show!!)
194* for the awesome nursing staff in labor and delivery at Regina General (and, ironically, how many of them were pregnant at the time!!! LOL)
195* that they only spent 12 hours in critical care after their birth
196* for the great team in the NICU (once again, how ironic it was that so many of them were pregnant at the time!!!)
197* that they were able to make room for us in the NICU
198* that I didn't have to deliver my children in an unknown place( ie. Toronto)
199* for the blood transfusion they gave her
200* and how well she responded to it after it was done
201* that my blood pressure didn't get any higher than it already was before they were born
202* that I had no seizures from said high blood pressure
203* that I didn't need a blood transfusion (my platelets were low)
204* there were no complications from HELLP
205* that they smartened up after realizing I'd become dehydrated from waiting in Triage for 12+ hours waiting to find out what was going to happen to us (when I was first admitted to Regina General)
206* that her brads were nothing serious
207* entering another growth stage
208* potty training
209* big girl panties!!!!
210* (even if they are thick waffle panties)
211* big girl beds!!!!!!
212* play sets!!!!!!!

Yep. Thinking about pregnancy again. And how I am not. Laying in bed last night, while my thoughts were obsessing on the friends who are pregnant, they eventually turned to how thankful I am that me, the twins and my husband were so well taken care of when I was admitted to the hospital and they were born. Honestly, those two weeks were the longest I've ever had to endure in my life, but the reward at the end of it was PRICELESS!!!! (I do, however, wish that I never need to spend time in a hospital- anywhere- for a length of time that's longer than 8 hours- ever again!) Ugh. How boring!!!!!

Yes. Potty training. The last two days Maren's been complaining about being itchy, and I've noticed its every time she pees in her diaper. So, I've been putting her in pull ups, but I went out this afternoon and bought her big girl underwear. We are starting FOR REAL potty training tomorrow. I'm tired of changing diapers, so I figure its about time! I think Maren is tired of them, too. And, I'm sure, Addison will follow suit very shortly. I'm so glad I found waffle underwear at Walmart! I've never seen them there before. I thought the only place I'd ever be able to find them is at Babies R Us. Thankfully I was wrong!

We are also going to convert the kids' cribs into big girl beds. I'm hoping it will make story time at bed time go a little more smoothly. I also realize my nightly scrappy routine is going to fly out the window. I'll probably not get as much done when their beds are converted! We also picked up safety railings (or whatever they are called) to put in front of them so they don't roll out of bed).

Big, big changes are happening in this household! Its pretty exciting!

The last big change, is finally biting the bullet and purchasing a play set for the kids. They'll now have their own swing set, slide, sand box, rock wall, play house and (I think) rings. Phew! I felt kind of bad for them, watching them chase each other around the yard. I couldn't help but think how boring for them that must be! (Luckily there's two swings on this set, so there'll be no fighting over who gets to swing first!) Pictures will follow. Promise!

This happy little number is based on Canadian Scrapbookers' February sketch, and features my sweet little Maren. It will also work perfectly as the last entry over at, for the circle challenge, which is the last national scrapbooking month challenge over there. Its my one last chance to win some goodies! Here's to hoping, and if not, there's always next year!!

The picture is another of the ones that my sister took on Mothers' Day up at my parents'. And, from that day, I think this is the last one of my faves. Pretty cute, isn't it?

I embossed the circles with my cuttle bug, using the 'baby's breath' embossing folder

The happy sticker is k & company, and the white letter stickers are...unknown...

I used decorative edge scissors to cut the scalloped circle, and then regular straight edge scissors for the circle inside it.

And, of course, journalling in my own hand. Nothing personalizes it better, I think! Also, the hearts were punched with my Creative Memories heart punch.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Its going to be a crazy one in my household!

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