Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Today was finally reveal day over at Miracles' Momma's Designs, which means I can finally share with you the latest project I did using her sketch! Yay!

So, its a few weeks late, but good things come to those that wait. Ha. Its all about Mothers' Day, and how I spent it:

Before Heather posted the sketch this is based on, I had been thinking how nice it would be to create a layout with the thought bubble design. But, I had no idea what the subject would be for something so fabulous! And then...ta da! It becomes our assignment. I couldn't have been happier, or more excited!

For the lines connecting each of the thought bubbles, I didn't want to stitch, or create faux stitching. It was too time consuming, and I've never liked the way it looked any other time I did it on a layout. So instead, I used pearl bling to make the connections. I love how it looks! Still kinda time consuming, but with a much prettier effect! (Kudo's to those of you that can stitch and faux stitch- you make it look so beautiful! Not in my, I'll leave it up to you!!)

Some of the pictures here are from quite a while ago (like this past winter), but they were the only ones of the subjects I wanted to include (ie. sister and brother in law). Every other picture of them is goofy, or they aren't together, and because space was limited, I tried finding one of them together that's semi perfect!

181* finally a good day (for the three of us girls)
182* an exceptionally beautiful morning (until the wind picked up again)
183* the surprise dr. Pepper husband brought home (I'm trying to cut back a bit)
184* a well deserved massage to look forward to
185* that Ogre (affectionately known as) is willing to watch my kiddo's
186* even though Addison is in love with him!!

oh my word, you have to see, its the cutest thing on the face of the planet! She flutters her eye lashes at him, smiles at him, says hi to him (whenever he is over), and is just generally enthralled with him! My two year old has her first crush!! hmm...maybe a future layout? LOL

187* tomorrow's
188* the chance to try again
189* "fishing"

hmmmm...the picture isn't showing up in my photo library, so I don't know where it is! I took a picture of Addison 'fishing' with a tree branch this morning, while we were playing outside. This picture is going to make her grandparents *swoon*!!!!! When I find it, I'll upload it

190* upcoming weddings!

So, are you ready for the teaser I mentioned yesterday before signing off? This was a fun one to make, too, and I'm quite thrilled with the way it turned out!

Addison told us that the fifth wheel was her first home. I mentioned that in this post. And, she's absolutely right. What she doesn't know, is that it was her mama and daddy's first home, too! Its been with us through a lot, and it was pure divine intervention that this should be scrapped! I'm so happy I had the chance to! (Its actually inspiring me to scrap a bit more from our past, too, on the days that I don't take pictures for Project 365). So, for instance, an lo of my Oma will be coming up and our loved (and lost) Sarah, and Maren's first (not-so-first-but-that's-what-we're-going-with) hair cut. That's it for now, but that list will probably be added to in the following days...

This particular layout is based on the April sketch over at Canadian Scrapbooker, the only difference is that the sketch is for only one page. I expanded it to make a two pager!

And, to quote my journalling, here's the story: We are currently trying to sell the trailer, but you floored us, Addison, when you said this was your first home. You were absolutely right- more than you know! Daddy had been living in it for a few years before he met me; all in various places around Alberta. He was living in a campground outside Edmonton when we met. After we had dated a couple months, Daddy moved the trailer to Camrose, and I followed after some previous obligations were fulfilled {I was house sitting for my parents, who were on a missions trip to South Korea at the time}. We continued living in it after we moved to Saskatchewan, until we bought our hose in Manor, in October of 2008. After we came back to Alberta, Daddy stayed in the trailer again {in another campground, but this time on the outskirts of Whitecourt} and we three stayed with uncle and auntie. That didn't last long! I hated commuting {because every couple of days we would drive out here to spend time with him} so we all stayed in the trailer. A lot of memories were made here, and we will miss it, but this is how it came to be our first home!

Like how I filled in some of the blanks with the regular type font? Sometimes I get a little irked with the info that gets left out of the journalling, which I feel should be in it. Oh well. I guess it just gives the kids opportunities to ask questions. Right? The other thing I didn't mention, is that the picture with my sister in it, and the one with the tiny little rat dog running on the couch with Kyle (who is my sisters'), is from a trip out she had made to visit us after moving to Saskatchewan. She was also living in Sask at the time, but commuting back to Alberta to work (she was employed as a medic in the oilfield at the time). Her little hometown when that picture was taken is called Nokomis. (She was still living there when the twins were born--she is my person. Got one of those?? She's my person because she helped my husband and I bring the twinlets into the world...I'll be forever grateful to her for that!)

191* having a person

The close ups--I cut all the letters and grass and clouds and the tree and the circle matted behind the pictures with my cricut. A camping theme is perfect- right- because essentially that's how we lived for a number of years...The clouds are scraps from another project.

Now, you may be wondering how it was possible to live in a trailer with two babies, a cat and two adults. And, you're probably wondering how big it is. It was large enough- at the beginning (LOL), but quickly got too cramped and small for all four of us. (Its a 32 footer). We took out the captains chairs that were in the living room, and put the kids' playpens in there, to act as their cribs. They did wonderfully with it- there were no issues at all! They were such troopers! (There are pictures of the kids sleeping in their playpens in the bottom right of the second page). To bathe them, I got creative, and used a giant rubbermaid container. I filled it with water from the shower (telephone shower head) and soap, and VOILA! make shift bath tub!! The tough part came when they wanted to play outside. I wouldn't let them. There was no grass in our camp site, just mud, and with vehicles coming and going constantly, I didn't feel it was safe. Their saving grace was that there is a petting zoo and small playground there, so we would spend a lot of time there. Eventually, we bought a picnic tent, and put the kids toys in there to let them play- until they figured out how to get out. Oi. I'm glad those days are over!

Anyways, so in a nutshell, thats the story of us, and now an lo that documents it!

And, for another sneak peek:


  1. love your projects. great take on heather's sketch.

  2. Alison! I love all of your projects! I especially like your Mother's Day page!!!! You did an amazing job with Heather's sketch!

  3. Love the little photos cropped into circles! And the 2-pager is awesome!