Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspiration Saver

It was late when I got yesterdays' post up, so I thought I'd come back and elaborate a little bit more on the whole sketch thing. There's just more to it than what I posted yesterday.

It suddenly dawned on me, while I was collecting my Scrapbooks Etc. magazine (and then it quickly spread to the other magazine that I faithfully follow- Creating Keepsakes- and more recently, Canadian Scrapbooker!!), that rather than keeping the entire magazine after its read, just keep the pages that has the layouts (or stories) that I find most inspiring and helpful, and keep them in a binder, for future reference. I'm especially glad, now, that I've done that, because SBE has decided to stop publication! It cuts down on space required to store the magazines (and eventually thrown out), and I'm helping save other trees from being cut down by recycling what I don't want to keep.

Ah, its simple. But, it makes this girl feel good.

The binder that I keep all my inspiration in, has dividers separating each magazine, cards, and lastly a special divider for 'projects'.

This is where I finally decided to take the plunge and try out Project 365. There was an article all about it in one of my Scrapbooks Etc. magazines, and after reading about it in depth, I gave it a go. I'm thoroughly enjoying it! (So much so, that I've been thinking of pursuing it into another year. I know I've had a few ideas which I mentioned in previous posts, so we'll see. I am fairly certain I will return to this project again in the future).

This overall project didn't begin with my scrappy magazines. It actually began with saving recipes from my Kraft Canada magazine--which I'm so glad I did, because now a person has to buy subscriptions in order to keep getting the magazine. I'm so disappointed! I loved that it was free! I do, thankfully still receive emails from them with other inspiring and delicious recipes, so all is not lost.

I haven't marked everything just yet in this binder, but I was putting those little hearts beside our most favourite recipes, sort of a quick reference. I'll finish that one day, too!

Does anyone else keep a binder full of their inspirations? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I do the same thing!!! I tear the page out and make notes on it if I need to. Then I file it away for later inspiration. Great minds think alike I guess!

    Thanks for the comment about Alexis. I'm very worried about her. I just know she's going to be mortified if she fails. We've been trying to hard to help her pass.