Saturday, May 12, 2012


74* how delicious the asian lily smells that Kyle gave me for Mothers' Day- I can smell it all over the house
75* days that aren't a fight to put the kids to bed
76* laughter

Kyle's new favourite thing to do these days is cruising YouTube. Do many of you sit and watch videos there, as a way of vegging out and relaxing? It isn't my cup of tea, but I do have a few things to share with you because they're just so darn cute and funny!

JUST.CRACKS.ME.UP!!!!!!!! I'm laughing just thinking about it!

Maru has got to be my most favourite cat- next to Gregory- ever!!!!! I'm also loving the music that's playing in the bg- very befitting of a cat!!! And, you'll have to bear through this entire video to get to Seriously. You'll laugh your pants off!! And, I don't mean to make this sound like its a lame-o video or boring. It isn't. Just, the best part occurs at the end of the video.

77* animals

Its a little hard to see in this pic (at this size), but I've stamped (in SU's old olive ink) the numbers 3 and 8 inside the green circles- which when you put them together makes 38. (And, as a matter of fact, all the patterned papers are SU, except for the beige strip separating the blue and green polka dots. I don't know what lines they are, except the green paper is actually Christmas themed).  They're to represent the amount of years my parents will have been married come May 18th- their wedding anniversary. I'm not sure if we'll be in Edmonton (or have any reason to go to Edmonton) before then, so I'm bringing their anniversary card with me tomorrow, when we *do* head into Edmonton. (And, while they are in church, and before we head over to their house, I'm hoping to hit Michaels for a little retail therapy! Eek!) Every little piece of paper here is scraps except the beige card stock base.

And, another card is looming large in the very near future, too. My cousin texted yesterday, letting me know about her twins' FIRST birthday party!!! (I can't hardly believe they're going to be one already!! It doesn't seem that long ago that she called me up, out of the blue, asking me a whole bunch of questions about 'what its like raising twins'. (She actually had my sister do some detective work for her before I got the phone call, so I assumed she was prego with twins, but I wasn't totally sure until she told me). That's the abridged version of that story. LOL. Anyways, it isn't until June 9th, but I've already started thinking about it! Yay O and P! Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!!

A few posts back, I shared a wonderful picture of a piece of cheese stuck to my patio door. It was such a great, goofy thing to happen, that I needed to scrap it. *I* never would have thought to stick my kraft cheese slice to the door. Would you? LOL

Anyways, here's the little nugget of goodness I made to lovingly remember my children's quirkiness by:

Every single piece of paper on this pretty charmer is scraps, except the sentiment sticker at the bottom. I'm love, love, LOVING the polka dotted patterned paper. I'm thinking I should go out and find me some more- in colours other than festive Christmas!!

I hope what I've posted has brightened your day a little - if not the scrapbooking crafts, then at least the video's I posted. They really are good for a little chuckle!

(And, on a side note, let me know if the video's even work for you when you read my blog post. If they don't, I'll add the links so you can go directly to the video on YouTube. When I read my own blog post after posting it, my computer tells me that I've got a missing plug in, so I can't view them. It just makes me wonder if you're even able to see them??)


  1. Beautiful cards, Alison! And I love the funny videos you shared, too. Giggling!!!!!

  2. I loved the videos. The box part on the cat one had me cracking up and missing owning a cat! Thanks for sharing. I love all of your scrapbook pages and scrapping the cheese was an awesome idea!