Wednesday, May 16, 2012


89* STAR air ambulance in places that need it!!

I've learned, through FB (though I rarely use it anymore), that our old home just got STARS service, and a helicopter, as well. What a blessing for them! The accidents that occur over the winter months make it possible to get patients to Regina, or further, quickly and efficiently. Yay for SE Saskatchewan!!

90* listening to the rain falling
91* naps when they're needed (and sincerely desired)
92* hot water
93* hot showers
94* lotion to repair dry and cracked skin (and it smells pretty, to boot!!)
95* bath and body works
96* costco (for some of the kids' clothes)
97* CARTERS department stores (for what I *can't* find at Costco for the kids!!)

(who else loves Carters' brand of children's' clothing???) eeeek! they've got to be my favourite store to shop at for the kids!

98* a break from the hot weather we've been having the last couple of days
99* knitted slippers (especially since they're either Oma's or grandma's)
100* encouragement- through word and/or deed

I just realized that the girls are both in 'their' colours in these pictures. LOL. When they were born, we put Addison in purple (winter coats, gave her purple sucky's, etc.) and Maren wore pink. (There's a good clue for you to figure out who is who!!!) Neato. Now we don't even think about who wears those colours anymore. Now its just natural to us, I guess!!

Don't you just love the goofy, *&%^$-eating grins that are on Miss Addisons' face??! It kills me, and I just want to pinch those adorable little cheeks of hers!!!

I'm so in love with some of these pics, I've got to scrap them!

Look at that, I've made it to 100! Woohoo! That one hundred went ridiculously quickly! Here's to the next 100!

I've mentioned it before, but failed in my attempt to do it, so I'm trying all over again. A dear friend of mine started it. I am not sure where she came across this, but I'm happy it inspired her to try it out herself. Its now inspired me to do it myself.

The goal is to record 1000 things you are thankful for.

She reached her goal, and has surpassed it! And, I love reading her posts, and about her life, and about what things in her life she's thankful for. I am way too often pessimistic and negative, so this is a fantastic way for me to try and break that habit. Maybe in the process, I'll become more optimistic and positive.

I also think incorporating my 'thankfuls' into my scrapbooking projects will help me stay on the creative side (and think-outside-of-the-boxiness) of compiling that list.

Who knows, maybe when I reach that goal, I'll continue on, like K has done!!

Maybe, next year, instead of doing project 365 as project 365, I'll make it project thankful, or some variation along those lines. Or, I'll stick with the 'pay it forward' idea I've been toying with.

And, to kick off the next one hundred, here's 101...

101* the great idea he had, that I hope he carries out! (Its helpful in more ways than one!!)


  1. Sweet pics...your girls are just adorable!

  2. Your girls, oh, they just couldnt be cuter!!

  3. Alison, your girls are precious! Hope you're having a great week. We'll be in your neck of the woods this weekend! :) Let's hope it's great weather!

  4. Your daughers are sooo cute! Being a twin mommy myself, I know how fun and challenging two at a time can be!!