Friday, May 25, 2012


159* the robin that had quite a bit to say this morning
160* the kind gentleman that asked if I needed help lifting bags full of pea gravel
161* this:

While I was peeling potatoes for supper tonight, Maren came up to me and hugged my leg, and said: "you're the best, mama"

I hope it wasn't my ears playing tricks on me, because it sure sounded like that's what she said.

One can only hope- and hope- right?

I'm kind of intrigued by the notion of following a sketch when it comes to scrapbooking. It began with joining MMD's design team, and now has expanded to another site (when inspiration is lacking); and so when I came across got sketch? I decided to try following a sketch (the most recent one), and after thinking on it for a few days, threw my inhibitions to the wind, and will submit it!

Here it is!

Its dark, I know, but I'm a nut when it comes to taking pictures of my projects, and will sometimes take them at 10:30 at night (or whenever I finish them), because I don't want to have to worry about getting it done the next morning (because 1- I'm too excited about it; and 2- I might not get around to it the next morning).

Addison has been practicing how to do her somersaults. Being the cautious child she is, she isn't brave enough, and hasn't learned to push herself completely over yet, so I help her do it- to the excited 'do it again!' pleas. And, what totally melts my heart, is that she must hang on to Kiki and not let it go. You'll see her kiki (blankie) in the bottom left side of the pics.

162* hearing the children playing at recess and lunch (a couple blocks away)

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  1. Really sweet page, Alison! You should give the Canadian Scrapbooker Sketchy Challenge a try :)