Thursday, May 24, 2012


I  promised that there would be layouts of some of the pictures my sister took on Mothers' Day.

Here's one of them:

I wanted the main focus of this one to be the picture, hence all the white space and the minimal embellishing. The transparency that's overlaid the picture says, 'walk beside me and be my friend' (Albert Camus).

140* little feet stomping on the floor
141* two littles pretending to be puppies
142* and in the next instant, they're frogs
143* little "yay, P's" coming from the back seat
144* play dates
145* little "yay, daddy's" coming from the back seat
146* meeting up with dear husband for lunch
147* paper
148* punches
149* ribbon
150* the bell that rings from the church a few blocks away
151* nourishment
152* friends
153* pictures
154* Caillou
155* Toopy and Binoo
156* "Huck" (aka Tuba; aka Veggie Tales)
157* sunroofs
158* help with the kids while grocery shopping

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