Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Her "new thing" these days: Kissing my phone. When her "song" is playing on you tube.

 So, she's obviously in love.

But, is it with Jason Aldean, or that particular song he sings?

Because we all know how much Addison loves her tractors! (and her fave song is about tractors!)

21* the cute things they do and say
22* their soft skin
23* the way they smell after their bath
24* a new month

***By the way-- happy May everyone!!***


  1. Oh, Alison, this is such a cool page...love the concept...and am smiling at your daughter's love for tractors :0 A wonderful layout!

  2. Jumped over from scrapbook.coms blog post. Love your pages and your blog.
    Your new faucet looks nice.. Yes, It does remind me of a flower =)

    Have nice rest of the week =)