Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Just wanted to share a couple lo's with you, including one with some close ups!!

I didn't get any close ups of this one, and I probably should have. The girl and the metro sign were fussy cut from the white patterned paper that the pictures are matted on. Then I added pop dots to the girl to raise her up a bit, give her a more 3d appearance. It worked perfectly for what I wanted to title this lo: zoomy!!! (Thankfully I didn't, because I think metro works just as well!!)

As my journaling suggests, I put a can of pop in the freezer to chill for dh, and we both forgot about it. What my journaling didn't include was that it blew up at 6:30 in the morning, while the kids were still sleeping, and I was sitting here at my desk, either cruising or writing a blog post. It scared me- I had no idea what that sound was! Then, I was worried it would have woken the kids up. It didn't. Phew!! I shrugged it off, then I forgot all about it; by the time I headed to the freezer to pull something out for supper, this is what I found. OH YEAH. Oops!! LOL (On a side note, now we stick our pop in the ice machine- it does a remarkable job of chilling our drinks- and they don't freeze!...or explode)

The background paper on this one is MS. I thought the design in it worked well to highlight the mess the frozen pop made of my freezer; not to mention, it was a similar colour to the liquid diet Pepsi is anyways! The explosion die cuts were made with my cricut, as was the title. I used my paper tearer to rip the strip of patterned paper the title is on. The journalling strips are inked in SU's chocolate chip ink.

Also, this is a scrap lift of Erikia Ghumm's 'Follow the Signs' lo in the October 2009 issue of SBE.

This last lo is my take on the 'do you kiva' made in minutes lo in the August 2010 SBE issue.

Last summer, while visiting my parents, Addison stood in roughly the same spot in their yard, doing exactly what she's doing in the pictures in this lo. Both of the girls were enamoured with water right from the first moment; the bird bath draws them like metal to a magnet. I was sitting on their deck steps, watching Addison from my perch, and I couldn't help but step back in time, and think of this past year, all the changes she (and we) have been through, and how much better things are now. Not only that, but my baby isn't a baby anymore! I'm a bit devastated...

I added pop dots to the title sticker (pop dots were already on the butterfly) to help them stand out a bit more, and decided after I'd gotten everything adhered to the blue card stock, that it would be nice to stamp lines onto my lo rather than draw them on with a pencil and go back to erase them after I was done journalling. (Nobody has to know that the stamp I used is actually a recipe stamp!! I rubbed out the inked 'recipe' portion of the stamp for this particular project). My journalling was written with Recollections Citron journalling/shading pens.

129* happy accidents
130* SBE (even though they are no more)--and for those that don't know what SBE is or what it stands for, its only my most favourite magazine on the face of the planet: Scrapbooks Etc.

Yes, the magazine that holds (edit: held) the key to my scrap happy heart <3

131* white ink
132* good, steady rain over the last two days
133* batteries to make things work
134* freshly washed bed sheets
135* summertime swimming lessons!
136* and the credit on our account over at the leisure centre (which will pay for said summertime swimming lessons!)
137* pretty, decorative keys
138* (every time I see this number, I stop: its my parents' address number)
139* growth

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