Saturday, May 5, 2012


May 5 is National Scrapbooking Day. Who would have thought, right?!

I seriously had no idea until a couple days ago. As soon as I found out about it, I asked Kyle  for the 'day off' so that I could devote the day to scrapbooking.

It was a nice thought in theory...yes, I got three lo's done, and I did participate in one challenge (though I had hoped to participate in a whole bunch more), but there were a ton of interruptions.

True to his nature, husband slept most of the day away. When he wasn't awake, and the kids weren't screaming for him, I was sitting with them, keeping them entertained. I wasn't scrapping, but I was playing on my iPhone trying to keep up with all the fabulous work that was being posted! Next year, the kids are spending the night with their grandparents. LOL

Overall, it wound up being a good day, though I wish I could have completed more. Three layouts is pretty good when you've got two toddlers running around...

As I was playing today, I began thinking that it would be a good idea to try to incorporate more stamping into my projects. I love paper, and have an absolute love affair with it, but I've also always loved stamps. I don't know why, but I was holding out when it came to my scrapbooking layouts. I would only use my stamps on cards. Maybe I was daunted and overwhelmed by it- I mean 12x12 is a pretty large area of paper to cover and make pretty.

So, all day long, I've been challenging myself to stamp more. And, I really like it! I'm going to try and keep on doing it (so that I can continue to support my stamp addiction, as well as the paper and general scrapbook addiction). Pam, if you're reading this, got any stamps that I can buy from you??! LOL

I NEED to share this little gem with you. I submitted it to Rebecca's challenge for NSBD, and I hope you like it! Since I loved the layout I made of Addison yesterday, I had to make one for Maren, too. Now I've begun thinking I'd like to frame them and put them in their room. How about that for a marvellous idea??! My favourite colour combo these days is green and turquoise. I just can't get enough of it!!!

Something else that I'm really beginning to fall in love with are the over-dimensional size of pictures for these lo's. 8x10 sizes rock!!! I like 5x7 a lot, too, but I find 8x10's to be sooo stunning. (I'm also going to follow up tomorrow or the next day with close ups of some of the different elements on this project. Its hard to see, but the punched borders are actually layered and there's about three or so different patterns of paper. The only one that really stands out on this picture is the cream/green one). So, keep your eyes peeled for that!!

Another project I made that I'd really like to frame is this:

A very dear friend of mine sent me a puzzle in the mail...ok, so I don't know why, but I'm having total deja vu posting this. For some reason, I feel like I've done it already, but after browsing through my blog posts, there isn't anything there with this particular project. Maybe I'm thinking of Not sure...

So, she sent me this puzzle- over three weeks (10 puzzle pieces each per letter, which came three times) because she had been thinking of me. It was actually a valentines' day gift. How creative is that??! Well, I had to scrapbook it, and write a personal letter to her, which is the journalling underneath. Husband suggested that I should frame it and give it to her, and I think its a marvellous idea. The puzzle is mounted on a piece of cardboard and is framed and here in my scrap room. Its such great inspiration, and from such a great, inspirational friend! (we've been friends for so long, we can't remember when or how it began, or where for that matter, either!!)

I think, for her birthday (which is coming up in September), I'm going to recreate this for her and give it to her. Along with a frame...I'm also thinking I should do up another lo with this particular design, except centre the picture and journalling...hmm...

41* a day devoted to the best hobby in the universe
42* the way she says, 'careful, slippery' as we are walking downstairs to the basement together
43* discovering there's a play park in our neighbourhood, that isn't located at the school
44* that they had a fun time playing at the park with their daddy this morning


  1. Love the layouts! I've been trying to incorporate more stamping into my scrapbooking too! I love it too! The puzzle is really neat!

  2. Great minds definitely think alike! I've been trying to add more stamping to my pages too. LOL I agree that the big 8x10 photos just make such an impact. I wish I had a 12 by 12 printer so I could print ones that would go all the way across the page.