Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Do

Its been a busy weekend around here, so far. Plants- like petunias, geraniums, marigolds, blah, blah, blah, were on sale, and I wanted to go and pick some up. (I did). I got some of them planted today, and then ran out of planters. Apparently I bought more flowers than I had room for in the planters I already had. Ooops. (The petunias were a really great deal- $6 for a 6 pack. I'm not sure I've ever come across anything like that!!)

Today, we went back, and bought a couple deep planters, and I'll put the rest of the flowers in there. They are so deep, though, that I don't have enough soil to fill them. (A slight oversight on our part). Kyle said that he'd go back to work tonight and pick up some gravel for me. We'll put some of that in the bottom of the planters, and then cover it with soil, and then plant my flowers.

(On a side note, how do you like the sidewalk that leads right into the fence? Pretty ingenious, huh? I think it was there before the fence was, and whatever was on the other side of the fence was probably used as a parking pad or something. Why else would there be a sidewalk that leads to nowhere? IMHO).

That's great, but I have a feeling it won't get done until tomorrow. Just because my husband moves so quickly on things. The amount of flowers I bought shouldn't take two days to plant, but I'm pretty sure that's how its going to play out. Oh well. I'm sort of thinking it might even be a little too early in the season to be buying and planting flowers anyways. In this northern climate, you can just never be too sure.

Especially considering its May long weekend. In my experience, the weather during this weekend is almost always cold. And, just to prove me wrong, so far, this weekend hasn't been too bad. We've had some rain, but the weather otherwise hasn't been really cold. (This coming from the girl that's started wearing her fleece jammies to bed (again) the last couple of nights because she just can't warm up. OH- and I should mention: socks, too. And, this coming from the girl that will wear flip flops until there's 2 feet of snow on the ground). Ha. That list could go on, actually, but I'll stop it there. I'm just a walking, talking oxy-moron!

Plants weren't the only thing we picked up for the house. We also bought a retractable screen to put in the patio door. I'm pretty excited about it. It will be like a patio screen door, but its 'invisible' when you don't want to use it, and when you do, just pull it out from the door jam, and it keeps the bugs and creepy crawlies out! Yay--no more flies in my house! We also need to invest in a screen for the window in the kitchen. Kyle swears there's one here, but I'm not too sure. I've never seen it.

We've also sort of tackled the garage again. When we moved in, I didn't get everything unpacked. We left everything in the garage, rather than paying for anymore storage, and I quickly got overwhelmed by the amount of junk that we've been hanging on to for the last five years. Seriously, there's so much of it (and all of it hasn't been missed), I don't know where to begin. Neither does Kyle. Most of it is his. And, mixed in with all that junk are still a few things that I would like in the house. The trick is finding them!

And, some of it we did. I am soooo excited about them! It was like going shopping and coming home with a bunch of freebies! The two pictures are actually a wedding gift from a dear friend, and the wall-hanging is a gift from another very dear friend. Honestly, I forgot all about these pictures, but I'd been thinking of that wall-hanging for quite some time. I was honestly hoping that we'd find it rather soon. Yipee! We did! And, as I speak, husband is out and at it again- trying to clean up the garage and get rid of some of the clutter and junk. (I'm in the house waiting for the kids to decide their bath time is over. They like staying in there for as long as they possibly can!)

And, the 'to do' list for this summer just keeps getting longer and longer. Tomorrow we're going to clean out and up the fifth wheel, and try and get it sold. Its sat for the last 6 months (since we're no longer living in it), and we have no use for something so large. I think its going on Kijiji. We also have plans to strip and re-paint the deck and fence in the backyard. Both are in serious need of repair! I want to rip out one of the flower beds in the backyard- it was just weeds, anyways, and the other 'flower bed' is going to have to be ripped out too, I think. Its just grass growing in it, and I can't pull it out! It was nearly impossible.

What are your summer plans?

111* long weekends
112* finding long lost treasures!
113* Dr. Pepper
115* my new patio table umbrella
116* the new umbrella base (so that the wind doesn't blow away and break another one! ooops...)
117* property taxes are included in our mortgage
118* vacuums
119* dishwashers
120* having pancakes every day off Kyle has
121* family traditions
122* being able to create new ones!
123* home

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  1. I LOVE your walkway to nowhere. I would probably buy a sign to hang on the fence - NO EXIT!