Thursday, May 10, 2012

Incredible, Beautiful...

61* baby bums that are 'squishy' and pinchable
62* incredible tax returns

So incredible, there's a picture of it. Not sure if we're going to frame it yet, because this will probably be the ONLY tax return of this size EVER--but at least I've got the pic to prove it:


Due to our move, we were able to claim a *ton* of stuff- fuel, moving vans, storage...incredible, beautiful, amazing *blessing*

63* scented candles
64* being able to make more than one project out of 12x12 sheets of paper

Actually, the lo came first, but that's alright. Mom called yesterday to check up on us and find out what our plans are for Sunday. Our family is getting together and she wondered if we'd come down, too. Actually, sister phoned, too, to tell me she wants to see her girls. They miss her, too. They keep asking about Oma, uncle and auntie. I think its been a bit too long since they've seen them last. So, if Kyle has the day off on Sunday, that's our plan.

What are your Mothers' day plans?

Later yesterday afternoon, I found an email from mom, asking me to make a wedding card for my cousins' upcoming wedding. I knew that he'd gotten engaged, but I didn't know when the wedding was. Apparently its on the 26th of this month. Wow, when some people decide they're getting married, they don't dilly dally! I found out at Easter they are getting married. So, the card above is for my cousin. Congrats to him and his soon wife to be!

Over at, there's month long challenges going on in celebration of scrapbook month. Yup, its national scrapbook month, and I'm participating. This is my entry to the challenge, which is to use pink on approximately 70% of the entire project.

And...I struggled. Not so much with the design. With the colour. I honestly feel like its too much pink. And, on the other hand, I'm not sure its enough. I'm still not sure I'm happy with the end result, but there are definite elements that I'm incredibly in love with. Like the scallops. And the little sign at the bottom of the page.

So, the story behind the sign--the kids *love* their Belly Button book, and on the page that announces Belly Button Beach (for those that are familiar with Belly Button) the sign struck me as an awesome element to add to my page, so that I'm essentially making the story books come to life outside of the pages of the book. The butterflies don't really have any significance, other than for aesthetics, but the hearts are for Dora (its a Valentines book), and the bird is for Lullaby and Goodnight. The last page had a flap open window that had birds 'tweet tweet'ing announcing a good morning.

65* that they enjoy story time so much

They enjoy story time so much, I've begun reading stories at nap time now, too.

66* how incredibly smart the girls are

Maren counted in Spanish with me the other night as I read Dora the Explorer to them.

67* pretty painted toe nails

68* and pretty painted little-girl-finger nails

Both girls had a manicure the other day, and they both love it! I'm impressed they sat still long enough to actually get both hands done!

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