Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bought Out

Fields is closing out here in town. I found out after I mentioned to Kyle yesterday that we really needed to head out and find some summer clothes for the girls. (It was such a gorgeous day, and they were playing outside, but all they've really got to wear are sweat pants and long sleeved shirts. Not appropriate for such a gorgeous spring day!) All they had (at that point) were a couple sun dresses that their grandma M had bought them. They desperately needed more than that- more t-shirts, shorts...

So, we went to check it out, and splurged way more than we ought to have, but I'm happy the kids finally have some summer clothes. I'd still like to find them more, but I'll work at it slowly. I'm finding it hard to shop at walmart for the kids these days (the place I normally frequent for most of our needs). They must be in an 'in-betweener' stage, because size 4 is big on them, and I can't find anything smaller than that to fit them. It could also be that walmart is just too disorganized and not stocked well enough, too.

(Of all the posts I've made here, do you see a recurring theme centring around my love of walmart? LOL...just thought I'd point that out...and, I hope you realize I'm being sarcastic, because what I feel about walmart is *far* from love)

But, I like that their t-shirts and other things are always marked down and on sale- $3 here, $3 there, and you can get a lot of clothes for a decent price! I just wish I could find something that's not too ridiculously big on them (for right now).

We found a lot of great things at Fields- cushions for my kitchen chairs (which coordinate beautifully with my colour scheme), a growth chart for the girls, a cute little sign for the kids room that says 'enchanted'...now I'd like to find a few more {star} accents to go along with it, because I feel like it just isn't enough. What do you think? Walmart might possibly have what I want...

The girls got nerf balls to play with, they got bubbles and cool bubble wands to play with, they got those hand clapper things (they love those to pieces)...*I* got my anniversary present (which husband never bought for me). I picked out some really pretty jewelry. I bought myself another pair of sunglasses, for lounging around home with. That way, I don't always have to run out to the Yukon to get my other pair. I bought some really cute napkins- because there'll always be a need for those; rooster dish towel and table cloth (because we all know how much I ADORE roosters! And, if you didn't know it, go check out my pinterest 'for the love of roosters' board. You'll see!) (you can check it out here). I also picked up some nail polish for myself. Now that spring is here (and since I gave my MIL all the old nail polish), its time to make the toe nails look all pretty again- especially since its the season to live barefoot again!!!! Wahoo!!!!

Mmmm...I'm trying to think what else we bought, but I'm coming up dry. I do want to go back, because I spied a really great bowling set that the kids are just going to go nuts over! OH and speaking of going 'nuts' over things--Maren spied the toy section, too. She plopped herself down on the floor, and played with a musical toy (a piano type thing), and didn't budge. She sure wasn't happy when I told her it was time to go home. Oh dear...every time I re-play the whole scenario in my head, I can't help but giggle. It was too funny!

I took the toy away from her, and she was so mad, she crawled away from me, crying. When she saw that I had gotten near her again (I was following her), she'd crawl off again. And again. And again. Finally I caught her and picked her up. The whole thing reminded me of trying to catch a spider to kill it, but keep missing it. Know what I mean?? Poor thing, and I felt kind of bad because she was enjoying herself so much, and being so good, but it really was time to get going. We had spent enough money, and I didn't want to spend any more there! (I may talk myself into buying that piano toy for the kids, though I think its a little too young for them...) But, if it makes them happy, then I'm happy!!

My most FAVORITE catch of the day were these (I bought two):

Suction cups do come along with these utensil trays, but I don't want to stick them to the wall (tiled) or a window or anything like that. The idea to use these came from a desire to buy spice racks from IKEA that look generally the same as this. I have a cupboard that's full of spices, and its kind of disorganized and annoying to me, so I thought this would be the ideal solution! I'm pretty excited about it. I know I haven't mentioned anything organizational/beef up the humble abode-ish lately, but it still is something that I want/plan to slowly work at.

The container back there with the packages- really needs an overhaul. Its all the gravies, etc. and I loathe having them in there. Its so jam packed full of different packages, I don't honestly know whats in there. (Kyle has to have his gravies. He adores gravy!!!)

So, this is the plan. We're going to screw the spice racks to the inside of my spice cupboard so that things stay nice and tidy. I do need to find different baskets/containers to hold the rest of the spices in. The ones that I'm currently using are going to get in the way. They're just too big. Or, I'll just opt out of using containers at all. Just as long as it isn't a nuisance to try and find that one particular spice you want to cook with! I might go with dish racks that are graduated- as long as they are small enough to fit inside this cupboard.

As you can see from the first picture, my top shelf is devoted to tea and hot chocolate, coffee, etc. It isn't used that often, but it could use some sprucing up, too! I wonder how?

51* closing out sales
52* a beautiful day (and today is supposed to be even nicer!!)
53* bonus checks that save us (financially)- especially since we're in the midst of spring break up
54* spring break up--
55* --which means more time with Kyle!! (and also smaller--waaayyyyyyy smaller pay checks)
56* really pretty jewelry, even if *I* had to pick it out
57* spice racks!!!
58* toys that make the kids happy
59* that spring break up usually (hopefully) is never too long
60* time for myself

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