Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Bum!!!

I have an infatuation with my babies' bums. They're just so cute, I can't help but pinch them!!

But, who doesn't, right?

Just like I have an infatuation with kissing my children. I just love them to pieces, love the way they feel, smell...

And, once again, who doesn't????

It dawned on me yesterday that I need to scrapbook my love of my babies' bums.

Yeah, it sounds kind of strange and weird, but let me explain.

Ever since the girls were itty bitty, I would pinch their bums and squeal 'baby bum!' as a way of playing. I still do it, and they giggle every time I do it. Their daddy has gotten in on the action now, and he's got Miss Addison telling him that the 'baby bum' is his 'baby bum'. Its just too adorable!

Such a quirky little trait, but that's just a mama's love for her girlie's bubbling over and flowing out...


The picture for this came to mind when I began thinking about scrapbooking my love of my children's derrieres...

And, now that I've sat and actually looked at the quote here, I've realized that my children naturally will probably never be 'pale faces'. 

Its early in the season still, but they are already a shade darker than their mama. And, she's been spending just as much time outside as they have! Apparently they got their daddy's skin- he can just look at the sun and turn a gorgeous shade of tanned. 


I burn. Turn red as a lobster. In a short amount of time. There's no happy medium. Just white. And then lobster red. Hmm. And then slightly, barely noticeably, is it really there? not-so-white. As a kid, I spent soooooo much time outside, I was freaking brown (there's pictures somewhere to prove it), but no more. Bygone days are bygone. 

Oh well.

And, this picture? Its going to end up somewhere on the layout I'm going to make of my children's 'baby bums'! 

Cute. Right?

I think so!!

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  1. At 32 may daughter would be horrified if I showed anyone a picture of her baby bum. :-) So enjoy showing off those bums now! They grow up so quickly. Hugs, EllenBee