Monday, May 28, 2012


171* a freshly mown and watered lawn
172* having the opportunity to relax after supper
173* while husband cleaned up the dishes
174* the way Maren hangs onto our necks if something scares her
175* the way they both jump off their changing pad (on top of their dresser) after changing them (yes, I still use it...) into my arms (and it catches me off guard every single time they do it!!)
176* I can talk/confide in/heart to heart with husband

The next layout I'm going to (actually will be soon) work on is Addisons our first home. Yes, the trailer is the 'first home' that she remembers, but I plan to take it a step further: its our first home, too. Many of you will already know that. Kyle and I had our beginning in that fifth wheel. We moved it out to Saskatchewan with us, and lived in it for the first few months before finding a house and buying it. When we first met, he was living in it in a campground just outside of Edmonton, Glowing Embers. Then, when I moved in, it was after he'd moved to Camrose to start a new job. I followed...I had to wait a while, because mom and dad had been living in South Korea, and were to be coming home a couple months later. I stayed to take care of the house like I'd promised them, then I moved out. In that moment, when he moved to Camrose, and I had to stay behind, I knew I was sweetly, blissfully, incredibly attached. And, there begins our story.

I've been flipping through all our pictures, trying to find some good ones of the trailer, and while I've found only one, so far, that I like, I've been finding other ones that I should really scrap one day in the future. Here's a sampling so far:

I'm not sure, but I think I was pretty selective in choosing what wedding pictures I was going to scrap. I do have a wedding album, and I'm fairly certain this picture isn't in it!! And, I don't know why--I LOVE it!!

Setting up our home outside the shop (Kyle's work shop--also known as the North shop--there were two shops in town; the north one and the south one). Not the nicest location, but it was a step up from where we'd set up in Camrose!!

At the race track with friends' (who also now happens to be Kyle's boss) kid (of two. They have twins, too).

With dear Oma, who turned 93 on Sunday. I printed this picture already, because an lo all about her is going to be coming up shortly, too!

And, my dear Grandma Murray, who passed away 4 years ago, July. This is the only picture I have of her, other than one that's sitting in my kitchen window, that got water damaged when we moved from Alberta to Saskatchewan. It isn't the best, and it was during a pretty dark period in our lives, but its still dear, and she's still precious to us.

This locket will forever be special and dear {and near-literally} to my heart. She gave it to me as a Christmas present quite a few years ago. Back then, it was the only gift from her that I truly appreciated. (Looking back now, I realize that was unfair). Little did I know then that this would become the dearest connection I have with her today! Its surgically attached to my neck; it rarely comes off. If we're going to something special and fancy, and I feel like wearing something different, I'll take it off, but as soon as that event is over, the locket is back on. I love it, and I love her! And miss her terribly! (Ditto for my sister, too).

Engagement day! Christmas Day morning, 2008. After the holidays, I showed up to work (I was working at Walmart at the time), and Danielle and I, who was also expecting (hoping) to get engaged had a show down. As soon as we saw each other, we were like 'so??', and then waved our rings in each others' faces. HA. It was pretty funny, looking back on it now. Neither of us was really sure we were going to get engaged over Christmas, but we couldn't help but think how romantic it would be. (And, at least I got the more romantic proposal...her hubby just kind of pulled out the ring, and said 'so, will you?' as they were driving to family's).

Do I need to--should I--share the story? Its pretty simple, actually. I'm a wanderer, and Kyle learned that early on in our relationship. Its actually more like I'm easily distracted. As you well know. If I see anything shiny or sparkly, I have to go check it out. I may, or may not, say anything about where I'm going. I have my mother to thank for that. She always told us to 'go, leave me alone. you don't need to follow me like lost puppies' while she shopped. So, we learned to go off on our own, but always keep an eye out for her so that we don't get left behind.

It scared him. He thought that I'd left him every time I walked off like that, distracted by something else I thought was pretty or interesting. But, lucky for him, each and every time I would show up again.

So, when we proposed, he thoughtfully attached my engagement ring to a leash. A pink leash. Which, un beknownst to me, would re-appear at our wedding- during the ceremony. (The wedding band was attached to the end of that one). And, he told me that whenever I walked off on him like that, he thought I had left him. He didn't want to lose me, and that's where the leash comes in.

He doesn't think his proposal was very romantic or extraordinary, but I think it was perfect. It was true to us and how he felt, and it couldn't have been more fitting.

(And, now that I think about it, I should get a picture--a good picture-- of the wedding band and engagement ring together. They're nesting, and super pretty! Now I'm just waiting on the third band that goes along with this set! I think its one of those past, present and future type deals. I just hope that when we get around to it, that its still there!!)

And, I know I've scrapped Gregory before, but I just have to do one again using this picture. Its the best shot ever that I've gotten of him! {IMHO}

177* Grandma's
178* Oma's
179* intricately designed silver lockets
180* that cat, aka chicken, aka Gregory

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