Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BIG Deal

Cleanliness and organization. I mentioned that yesterday at the tail end of my post.

I had been talking with some friends about the state of our scrap rooms and how neat and/or tidy they are (or remain). I try, but mine always ends up being on the catastrophic end of things. Until yesterday.

I could not, for the life of me, find the bills. They needed to be paid, and I knew they were in the office somewhere. Its pretty awful, but that's how terribly bad my craft space was. It is also the office, but it was so disorganized and cluttered and just plain messy, that virtually every disappears, and absolutely everything can- and does- get lost.

So, instead of playing, which usually is what happens when I enter this room, I sat down and overhauled the office and scrap room. I have no before pictures (I'm too ashamed to share them, actually...I'm pretty ashamed to admit this here, too, truthfully! But, on the other hand, its pretty satisfying. I'm pretty excited to share how good it feels to have a room that I'm proud of once again!) I mean really. The rest of the house gives me anxiety when it isn't tidy. Well...so does this room, but its easy to hide when you can just shut the door. The anxiety is still there, though. Just easier to ignore :)

Here's some of the after pictures. It isn't totally cleaned up. There's still a few odds and ends that need to be removed or just put away, but here it is at 99.2 % completed:

(don't judge me--we have no batteries in the house for the camera, so i've been using my iPhone for everything, and I abhor the quality of pictures it takes. please bear with me!!) 

Seriously. What a relief! The paint card in the first picture--I'm working on choosing another paint colour for the office, and I'm thinking of going with an orangey/peachey colour called autumn mist. It'll coordinate beautifully with the flowers I've got in the window! And, its going to brighten up this room immensely! (That's to come after I've got the hallway and stairwell to the basement painted).

I've been bitten by the bug again. I've been thinking about painting....

Hey! Guess what decided to come out and play the other day???

Isn't she pretty?! She's the first of the four or five tulips that are along this side of the house. I think they're all going to be red, but we'll see. There's another one that's sooo ready to bloom, but hasn't yet. I can see that it's red, too. Now to keep the kids and cat out of there!! I don't want any more bulbs dug up! The one that I did find and transplant--it isn't doing so well. Maybe next summer.

And, now for the news I just couldn't wait to share! Eek! Eeeeee (*hopping from one foot to the other*)

This is the layout I created as my first design team assignment for Miracles' Momma's Diva's. I'm pretty excited (though I think that's an understatement. I'm pretty elated about it, actually!!) about this opportunity, and challenged by it!! You can find the sketch for this particular project here. Head on over to Miracle's Momma's Blog, and see what the other Diva's have shared, too! You'll love them- Heathers' got an incredible group of talented ladies there!

The picture I was working on here is recording what my house looks like on a daily basis. Mess everywhere. All of the time. Multiple times throughout the day. And, I can't help but run {in}to their messes all the time. While I'm cooking supper, walking about the house, even while I'm moving about the yard. Its everywhere. And, if it isn't their toys, its them or the cat. I can't escape it!! LOL And, as soon as its picked up, it starts all over again. I'm sure all you mama's out there can relate!

I have a dear friends' comment ring through my ears constantly--and now it mirrors my own wish: having a house as clean as my own mothers'. (Because we have small children, our houses are never clean). I know that one day it will be in the shape I'd like it to be- but that won't be for many years to come, I think!!

I also had the song, 'Run to You' (Lady Antebellum) playing in my head while I made this layout. Those words in particular, kept replaying in my brain. I wonder why?! And, that's why I made it my title. Because its true. And, it explains the picture perfectly!!

You know what goes perfectly with warm, summer-like weather?

Pudding pops!!

(and baths!!)

Maren is still fairly clean in this picture (on the right)--you should have seen her after this picture was taken! Talk about messes! 

They sure did love their 'ice cream' though!!! (and I love the trail of chocolate right up Addisons' nose. Too cute!!)

85* pudding pops
86* new opportunities
87* new friends!
88* a space I can be proud of


  1. Whoo hoo for the clean office! It looks really great Alison. I had to giggle like mad at the photo of your two kiddos covered in chocolate. Thank you so much for agreeing to be on my design team. I really loved your page so much. I could totally understand!

  2. Absolutely fun and happy post! I love your photos so much! And the layout you created with Heather's sketch is just great! I am loving the photo of the pudding pops the most! So darn cute! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. And I am so enjoying being on Heather's design team with you! YAY!!!!

  3. Pudding pops......oh, that brings back memories! Super cute pics!