Monday, May 21, 2012

"First Home"

Their grandma and I were in the trailer cleaning it up, and daddy brought miss Addison down when she woke from her nap. I asked her as she was coming into the trailer if she remembered this place, and you know what she said?

"First home".

This is the first home she remembers. And, I'm astonished she even remembers this was her 'first' home.

In reality, her first home was in Saskatchewan, but she was too little and new to remember that. We didn't live there long enough for her to remember it. Which is why I feel its so important to bring the girls back there one day and show them the place they were born and lived for the first year of their lives. A part of my heart is always going to hold that place dear.

After it was all cleaned up, and it was ready for its very own photo shoot, the first thing that overwhelmed me when I walked into it to snap a few pictures, was that this was home. It will always be the first place Kyle and I lived together. Then, it will always be the place that we lived when we moved back to Alberta. This trailer began and ended here in this beautiful province.

And, I'm happy she remembers it. So she doesn't forget it- and so her sister doesn't forget it- this first home (for all four of us) will be scrapbooked. Its an important piece of our familial history!!

124* the fifth wheel
125* the apartment
126* both our houses (old and new)
127* Regina


  1. We've never had to live in a trailer, though I have several friends who have made one their home for months or longer. We have lived in some pretty tight spaces and it's always been good for our family. Bonding memories!

  2. Growing up in a house, I always thought it would be cool to live in a trailer. Cool that she remembered!