Friday, May 11, 2012

For the Mama's

For all you BEAUTIFUL mama's out there, hope you have a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY!!

69* moms
70* a day to celebrate our moms and being mom, and all the other special women in our lives

Since the creation of this and this (which are mounted on 8.5x11 sheets of paper, then adhered to 12x12 page refills- and further elaborated on), I've began contemplating creating lo's in a size other than 12x12. I liked that they were so much easier to pull together and create. I liked that there wasn't such a large area to cover- things seemed to fall into place much more easily, and there wasn't so much 'dead space' between all the elements. I don't want to call it white space, because that wasn't the intention for all the space that's being unused- that could certainly be used; I feel like my projects are a lot more cohesive on the smaller scale.

So, needless to say, I have begun dabbling in 8.5x11 size lo's. I created my first one last night:

Until all my page refills are used up, the lo's will be mounted on 12x12 pages. Once they're gone, I'm shopping for an 8.5x11 album!

And, truth be told, this isn't my first 8.5x11. The scandal! Gasp!

I know...but...I have to keep my lips sealed on that for a little while longer, yet.

The suspense is killing me, though.

But, there you have it. I've got a secret.

Its simple, but I love every inch of this little layout. I've been wanting to create something with a sun on it, so I've got that checked off my scrappy bucket list. It actually works perfectly, since this is a page about poor Maren coming down with our latest cold. Daddy brought it home first, but she was the first of us girls to catch it.

The sun, by the way, was pieced together by yours truly. And, as my girls famously say, "TA DA!!! Thank you, thank you"

The clouds were cut with my cricut, and then I embossed them using my cuttlebug.

I love the visual interest my title work creates, too, using the different fonts and elements (circles, squares, stickers...)

And, other than the card stock background, every other element on here are SCRAPS!

The story behind this:

Maren is our little ray of sunshine. She's always been our happy girl. She's always laughing, giggling, bright, happy- and when she isn't, it usually means she's not feeling good. The other big clue she isn't feeling well is if she's happy to just sit and cuddle. Every other day, she doesn't have the time or inclination to do such a thing. There's too much to do and see and explore!

In the pictures in my layout, she's sitting on the couch with me, watching tv, but also trying to play her 'game' on my iPhone (a learning game all about animals). Just before that picture was shot, she was snuggled right up under my chin, watching tv. Even when she isn't feeling well, she's easily distracted.

Both girls get that from their mama. If it isn't something sparkly and pretty, its something that's caught their attention on tv. Bad mama!!

So, the title actually does double duty. First, it tells the entire story, all on its own, and secondly, its a way to describe my little girls' personality. 'Neaky, isn't it?? I love it!

71* creativity
72* variety
73* surprises that take me off guard- but that are happily and definitely welcome

Dear husband showed up at home last night with a few groceries that I'd asked him to pick up. I had made spaghetti for supper, and thought it would be a nice treat to have some garlic bread along with it. I also noticed that we were desperately low on milk and chocolate milk, so asked him to grab that for me, as well. I did get the grocery shopping done two days ago, but it didn't even occur to me that milk needed to be on that list! When I checked last (in my brain, that is) we still had lots of milk left. I don't know where it all went so quickly! I mean, the kids drink it by the gallon, but it usually doesn't go that fast!!!

I was still in the kitchen whipping up supper, but I could hear the kids squealing excitedly, 'present, present!!', but I just thought it was the groceries they were referring to.

When husband came into the kitchen, and I turned to greet him with a kiss, I learned that flowers were the present the kids were giddy about. My heart melted. Its been sooooo looonnngggggg since husband had enough time to think clearly and logically enough to actually be on time for anything, I could have burst into tears. My heart was definitely happy, though. He actually thought of me, and he actually went out and bought me something. My day couldn't have been any better, right in that moment.

And, those are the flowers you see at the top of this post :)

And, to add just a bit more humour, the kids were scrunching up their noses and sniffing at the air as I was unwrapping the flowers, saying they 'smelled'. I hope they meant it in a good way! LOL


  1. Lovely LO! I started out on 8 1/2 x 11 years ago and have often thought about trying that size again just for a change. You may have just inspired me to try it!

  2. Sweet layout! Have a lovely day tomorrow too :)
    following you and I hope you pop in and visit me too xx

  3. I love your layout! Absolutely adorable! And I want to wish you a very happy Mother's Day, too! (I am an identical twin!!!!!)