Sunday, June 24, 2012

Got Hobby?

Is there anything that you like to do (or your husband or kids or anyone that you know) that hasn't been able to enjoy (do, in other words) their hobby for a long time? When we moved back to Alberta, I packed up all my scrappy items and left them in hiding until I couldn't take it anymore. Then, I found a few items, broke them out of storage, and began to play a little (while we were still living in the trailer, yet, but mostly while we lived in the apartment- before the house came along. Then it all went into hiding again until everything was moved in, unpacked, and set up). Oh, it was like heaven on earth, when I was able to feel paper again, and play with it and manipulate it.

My dear, poor husband has gone without his hobby for far too long. Living in Saskatchewan wasn't really conducive to his hobby (drag racing) because the city we were nearest only held races three times over the summer- once in June, again in July and lastly in August. Apparently everyone down there travels (even to great distances) to get their fix. We just couldn't do that- especially not with newborn babies. For him, it really sucked. What sucked even more was leaving his little truck (which we affectionately call the 'little truck') in storage (at a buddy's).

Until tonight.

I think he feels like he's got a second chance at life; his 'baby' is back at home with him. Its unloaded off the car trailer, and sitting in the driveway. Once he's got the rest of the clutter in the garage moved out, he can put it inside, and tinker away at it to his hearts' content. He wants to put something new in it (but, I forget what it is because I'm too girl for stuff like that lol).


We'll probably start heading out to the track regularly, now that the truck is back in his possession. We both sincerely missed it (I think its a fairly sexy sport, IMHO. Even though I know nothing about cars, I do like shiny things, and a lot of the vehicles that get raced are exactly that. Who knows, maybe one day I'll even start drag racing (though I'll have to work up the courage, first).

We can head to the track regularly here in Alberta, because racing begins in May and ends in September or October. Street Legals are Friday nights (that much I remember from our drag racing days when Kyle and I were still only dating), and bracket racing was the rest of the weekend, I think. Ha. I remember rainy days in the middle of July and August, that found me so cold, I was wearing mittens- and if I had one with me- probably a toque, too! (A hat, for all my American readers!!)
And, so, when you hear Kyle joking about me wearing mittens in the middle of summer (but flip flops in the middle of winter- go figure!!) thats what he's referring to!

EEk! I'm so excited for it! I can only imagine how he feels!

311* the little truck
312* more quality time spent at the race track!
313* that he has his hobby back- and just waiting for him to jump into it!
314* how happy he must feel


I've got another layout to share from the girls' cousins birthday party tonight.

I used Sketch 13 over at Got Sketch? for this layout. (You can find the original here).

Here's a few pictures of the details:

I've had this button in my button stash for quite some time. I don't quite know why I haven't used it before- I've got a few that look like this, in a variety of colours; but, I think it scared me. I was never sure how to use it, and so avoided it. I took the plunge on this layout, and I adore how it looks. Its a lot of fun, I think! I added some black rhinestone bling and a little bit of parcel string to glam it up a bit. The patterned paper is scraps, and its SU.

Once again, my new favourite way to create titles! I'm liking that doing my title work this way has helped me bring out the stamps, and use them a little bit more. I LOVE that this hobby is all about learning and re-learning and manipulating and putting spins on old things to make them new.

More stamping here, using an SU easter stamp- first in More Mustard on the yellow card stock, and again in Whisper White on the blue patterned paper. I also used my Martha Stewart scallop border punch on the blue strip of paper.

The journalling spot was cut in half (the other half will probably appear in another project down the road!) and adhered to the bottom left corner of my layout. I stamped with Close to Cocoa ink (SU) and fussy cut the shape out. My printing is written with a brown journalling pen (Recollections).

Enjoy! Hope you had a great start to a new week!


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