Saturday, July 7, 2012

Escape Artists

Remember how I mentioned that the kids escape artists broke out of the house?

I very vaguely mentioned that a few people in the neighbourhood helped me. The direction I took when I set out to look for the kids was the wrong one; as I walked around the corner nearest our house, there were a bunch of men that had (I think) just gotten off work, standing in their driveway talking. I asked them if they'd seen the girls, and out of the kindness of their hearts they asked me if I needed help looking for them. Bless their hearts! All of them, except for one, helped me look for the girls. (I don't know how many of them were standing around talking. I think, in the fuzziness of my brain, there was three, but I'm not 100% sure).

When I did find the girls, I found that they had taken the opposite route that I thought they had, and the owner of the house they were lurking at was out on her front porch hanging out with them. I had come back to the house to make sure they weren't in the basement and just ignoring me, and when I confirmed they were gone, I grabbed the keys to the Yukon, and jumped into it. I just didn't know how far they'd gotten! The owner of the house was gone before I even had the chance to thank her. And, I didn't get the chance to thank the guys that helped, which is why the cards are being made! (After thinking on the baking overnight, I've decided that I'm going to buy Timmy's gift cards instead; if someone has an allergy, then they won't be able to eat my baking! I think its safer this way).

This design for this card is based on Sketch #147 over at Got Sketch? The inside of the card will house the actual 'thank you' sentiment and a heartfelt note. I am so glad this is such a family oriented neighbourhood!

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