Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple Storage Solutions

I've been trying to find innovative ways to store my embellishments, especially my sticker embellishments. I've got my sticker letters cleaned up, as I've already mentioned. But, I wasn't satisfied with the rest of my sticker storage.

I hopped onto google and typed in a query for embellishment storage for a small space, and I came across separating everything into sheet protectors and then storing them in a 3-ring binder. Ingenious! (But, I need to head out and find more 3-ring binders, now. I had only one empty one kicking around). Unless the girls in the office at Total have binders they want to get rid of? I'll have to ask Kyle! He brought home an armful of page protectors that they were otherwise going to throw out. I told him it was unnecessary (at the time), because I foresaw no use for them. Hum. I was wrong. On the other hand, what a shame to waste perfectly good page protectors! There was nothing wrong with them!

Now, happily, there are two empty drawers in the caddy that stored my stickers, sticker letters, vellum, rub-ons, etc.

There are two boxes devoted to each letter in the tackle box storage, though some of them (like u,v,w- which are all stored together) need three or more spaces. I put all like letters together: b and d, i and j and l, m and n, p and q, u and v and w, for these reasons: 1) save space, and 2) in case I am short a particular letter, like i, for instance, I can use the j or l to make another 'i'.

I'm not quite sure yet how well this will all work, but I'm willing to give it a try. Its a great solution to my problem.

There's three other things I am going to implement in my haven: small clear jars to store short strips of ribbon, and the shelving unit that needs to be put up on the wall is going to display the block stamps that I use on a regular basis- my "go-to's" if you will...Kyle has homework when he gets home tonight- as long as he isn't too late! And lastly, a pill box/blister pack to store brads and eyelets. Ingenious! Thanks to BHG for such fantastic storage ideas. I've got to remember to add that to the ever expanding grocery list, too.

(on a total side note-- the snow birds just flew overhead. The Whitecourt airshow is happening this weekend, and they must be practicing. I quickly scooted into the living room, and saw them in formation flying overtop the houses across the street. Oh, they must be coming around again... I hear them once more! Keep your eyes peeled for pictures from the air show--they'll be coming either Sunday or early next week. We are heading out to the show with my parents on Saturday).

Well, that's all I've got to share with you today. Hopefully you find something here inspiring!



  1. What fab storage solutions! I love seeing other people use drawers hehe. I recently blogged lots of pics of my scrap room too if ya wanna check it out click my name xx

  2. I did see the post of your scrap room- it made me envious--HA!--, but it also inspired me. It is beautiful! I'm grateful that my husband bought me all these storage containers and drawers, but the way I was storing everything in them was disorganized and maddening! I want to find better ways to store things inside them, so that's what I'm attempting to do! Thanks for dropping by and leaving such sweet, thoughtful comments! ~Alison