Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am suddenly in a phase where I want to re-organize and better utilize my scrapping space. My little haven is the smallest room in the house, and I'm certain that it isn't being used to its most organizational and utilitarian potential. I am on a mission! Of course, I'll be pinning the neato things I find to my Pinterest- what better way to keep track of things you want to remember than by Pinterest?! (...and then implementing, of course!!)

The first neato item I came across a couple days ago, reading this blog post. I already had a tackle box in my possession, but it was to store the (very) minimal brads that are in my stash. Even though it wasn't a large tackle box, by any means, it was way too large for the amount of brads and eyelets I have. So, I took them out, and put them in a little white container (for the time being), and began cutting up the oodles of sticker letters I've got, and separating them into their own compartments, just as that particular post shows. In fact, I have so much, that I had to go out and buy another one, just to make room for them all! And, as I was cutting, it dawned on me that it would be cool (and a great way to use up every possible inch of those sticker letters) to use up the negative portions of the letters already used. Duh!! How could I not have thought of that sooner?! Especially when I'm in a bind, and want to use a particular style of font? Sometimes its the simplest things that are overlooked.

This will help me to 1) maximize the amount of space that's being used up in the white storage containers I have the majority of my goodies stored in (at least as far as my sticker letters go), 2) free myself from the nightmare of opening that particular drawer and fighting the hoards of sticker letters that just want to jump out at me, and 3) organize!!!!

I'm not quite done yet, but I do have to say it feels so much better! Its inspired me to find other unique and creative ways to store and organize the rest of my embellishments. What are some of your favourite ways to store and organize your embellishments and paper stash--and scraps? I'd love to know!

(And, on a side note, in the rest of that post, she showed us the magic thin foam and the cuttlebug makes. I was so inspired by it, I went out and bought my own thin foam. I want to try it, too!)

You'll also know that washi tape is like huge these days, and everyone has it, and if you don't, you're on your way out the door to purchase it. I'm among those, too, but haven't actually bought any washi tape yet. I want to...one day! For now, I came across this neato technique. Brilliant, right??!

The only problem is, I don't own any spray inks. So, my first impulse was to write off even trying this technique because I didn't have all the essential items to make it work. Then I thought, why does it have to be spray ink? Why wouldn't regular ink and a sponge dauber work? Happily, it does!

Keep your eyes peeled for it appearing on future projects. It looks wicked so cool!! This little heart just skipped a beat, I'm so excited!

I've got another layout to share with you today:

And...this is the last layout from the day before Fathers Day series. When I finish getting things spruced up (for now), I'll be working on layouts of Fathers Day (which won't be very many) and then I can move on with my scrappy life.

This particular layout I absolutely adore. This picture of my BIL just moves me. Or something. I just love it. I love the point of view, I love the composition, I love that he's so chill. I love that its so candid. I love it in sepia!!

I scraplifted Kimberly.kalil's layout, "holy cows", which you can find here.

In particular, I loved the strips of patterned paper matted behind the photo (great opportunity to use up more scrap paper!!), and I loved her usage of a large picture. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned before that I love using extra big pictures. It should be common knowledge. Ha!

The patterned paper strips are Martha Stewart (the gold), the cotton tail paper is K&Co, and the red card stock is Autumn Leaves (Walmart). The little dream sticker is also K&Co.

There is some hidden journalling, but its just a little quote by Helen Keller: "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows." Profound, and beautiful. Just like my picture!

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