Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gone Organic

Things are still coming out of the woodwork since we moved into this house. I'm wondering if the day will ever come that we'll be done with the "guess what I found?"s. Maybe, but probably not for a while. The thing is, we won't know its missing until the day we need it, and then it'll be 'where in the garage could it be'?

Oh well, I'm pretty satisfied that we've got everything that we need. If we're missing it and don't realize it, we probably don't need it. In my humble opinion.

That isn't the case now that we've found the blender and brought it into the house. Especially since I decided that when we found it, the poor thing would actually be put to use (it was never used up until just recently), and it would be used regularly, if not frequently.

It is used frequently now. I decided that when it found its way back into the house, I was going to start making fruit and veggie smoothies to help increase our fruit and veggie intake. Though, I still have yet to juice the veggies and blend them into our smoothies. I'm not using the stove to pre-cook carrots or any other veggie until it cools off a little. (And, on a side note, a friend of mine came across a recipe for watermelon smoothies- I so have to try it! Its simple- freeze your watermelon after chopping it up, blend them with some milk and ice, and voila! you've got a refreshing and incredibly satisfying smoothie. Hmmm....)

I wish I had jotted down what kind of smoothie this was, but I think there may have been raspberries (judging by the colour) and peaches in it. I like adding some yogurt for a little more thickness and flavour (this one was probably an exotic fruit mixture), ice and milk. The best, so far, that I've come across is cherry. Just plain cherries (lots of them), black cherry yogurt (lots of it), ice and milk. OH.MY.WORD. Heaven on earth!

The best part is, the kids LOVE their 'frozen yogurt', hence the title of my layout. Which, they're right: in a way, it is frozen yogurt. And, they think its delicious. Again they're right. Their mama thinks so, too! Oh, the simple ways to feed my children nutritious, healthy foods!

I wanted to keep this layout simple and organic, because the subject is pretty earthy and organic. I've had sheets of cardboard hanging around for ages, and I thought this would be an appropriate use for it. I used sketch #61 at Got Sketch for this layout. It took a couple of days to figure out just how I wanted to arrange everything, and as I was pondering this, an idea dawned on me to make the journalling spot my title work is adhered to, flip up to reveal some hidden journalling.

I used up some scraps to make up everything on this layout, but the card stock its all matted on. Wow, I just realized that! Way to go, me!!

Well, its began storming out a bit, so I think I should bid you adieu here.

Until next time, take care!!

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  1. Super cute Alison (and yummy looking too!)...we're big smoothie people in our house too;) Great idea to use a corrugated background!