Friday, July 6, 2012


Oh! It was an eventful afternoon over at our house. To make a long story short, the kids ran away. While I was in the bathroom. I thought they had just gone downstairs, so I didn't rush, but when I saw the front door ajar, I nearly had a heart attack.

There are some wonderful people in our neighbourhood, and although I wasn't able to say 'thank you' in person, they'll find a plate of banana bread and a thank you card on their doorsteps tomorrow afternoon when they come home from work.

Thank God they hadn't gone far, were safe and unharmed, and I found them quickly. I should have known; they were at this one particular house that obviously stood out in their minds: there is white washed rock lining either side of the sidewalk. Of course the girls would remember that and want to play over there. That's where we (myself and a few other very kind gentlemen) found them.

At one time, there were child proof locks on the front door, but somehow, for some reason, it got taken off. Today, it was put back on!

In other news- happy news!!- it is finally reveal day over at Lets Capture These Sketches. You should head on over there, and see all the fabulous layouts the girls completed! There's two teams, so Team A posted theirs first. That doesn't mean, though, Team B wasn't able to play along! And, play along I did! (Just a subtle hint that I'm on Team B)

Here's my take on the sketch:

One last layout celebrating the twins' twin cousins' first birthday. Its so cute, but they seem just sooo confused by the item that's in front of them (their birthday cake). O especially cracks me up- she's such an expressive little baby! And, in that little face, the entire Murray side is evident. She's our grandma, re-incarnated. At least, her face was put on little O. 


    326* Slower, quieter days
327* the finished waterbed frame
328* Monster Jam
329* and having the chance to go!
330* the chance to be a part of another fabulous design team
331* home made baking
332* the fabulous groups I'm a part of at
333* shorter hair
334* covered-up-whites
335* that there's finally a spray park in town
336* an "outlet"
337* they are safe
338* they are unharmed
339* we live in an neighbourhood
340* that at least Maren understands the magnitude of what happened


When I began crying when I told them to never do what they did again, she began crying, telling me she wanted to go to bed. (She says that when she's cranky or feels as though she's in trouble). I told her she didn't need to go to bed; I was just happy that we were all together again, and that nothing bad had happened to them. I've been telling them a lot recently that if mama lost them, she'd be very sad; and, sad I definitely was. More like sick. I can't even describe the pain my heart felt when I realized they were gone and I didn't know where they were. I honestly don't know if I breathed until we were all at home.

I did, however, tell Maren she did a really good job of thinking ahead--she put her rain boots on before leaving the house! Incredible!!

All that matters is that we are all together, and no one is hurt. Thank goodness!!!

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  1. I am so glad that you found them safe and sound. I think we all have a scarey story to tell, like yours, so don't feel bad that it happened, Ali. It happens to the best of us! I love the page you created! Another big congrats on the design team spot!