Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Hi everyone!

Tonight, I've got a card to share rather than a layout. My MIL texted the other day to let me know that our niece, who is getting married the first of September, is having her wedding shower at our family reunion (which is coming up August long weekend). So, in roughly a week.

I don't have much wedding themed stuff in my stash, but I do have some, and I began thinking about what items I would want to use to create a card for her with. There was a tag that I played around with for quite some time, but it just didn't feel right to me. So, I dropped it, and tried another one. And, there it was! I find it funny how sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference!

The die cut frame was cut with the Sweet Shop Cricut cartridge (as was the oval inside the frame mat). The wedding dress form is K&Co and the gold patterned paper is Martha Stewart. For a little bit of bling, I added white rhinestones around the waist, and clear and a black rhinestone to mimic a necklace.  The joy stamp is from SU (mini phrases) and was stamped with Basic Black ink. All the rhinestones are Recollections.

I still need to make her an actual wedding card, but I'll save that for after our camping trip. There's other goodies that needs to be completed in the mean time!

Has anyone ever attempted making homemade croutons? (Hows that for a change of topic?!) The idea dawned on me earlier this week because I noticed the girls have begun eating around the bread crust. Rather than wasting it, I'm going to make croutons!! Since the reunion is coming up fairly quickly, I began thinking that it would be nice to bring out a nice caesar salad for everyone to munch on one day for lunch- that would be the perfect excuse to use up the homemade croutons I'm going to make. (I've just been saving them in a ziploc baggy and freezing them until a time that I would need them). The place we'll be camping is close enough to home that we'll be coming home every night, so this shouldn't be too hard to do. Hopefully!

And, speaking of food, I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to try spinach in my smoothies- at least, mixing more veggies into the fruity mix. (Have I even mentioned that I'm on a huge fruit smoothie kick these days??) If not, I so am!! I did buy spinach, and I froze it (so that it wouldn't go bad, because otherwise it would, in this house!!) I can't even taste it. Neither can the girls, and as of today, neither can Kyle. Ding, Ding, Ding! Bonus points for mama! I'm pretty pumped. The girls don't even realize they're eating something super healthy. That makes it even better!

Why am I so insanely crazy about something that's so not something to get excited over?

After feeling disappointed in my appearance for quite some time- especially more so since the twins came along, I've decided to commit to do something about it. The first step actually began with the fruit smoothies. I figured if I could make it a regular thing in my household, it would help all four of us (but unfortunately its just the girls and I at the moment), get the nutrition we need. Because, lets face it, we don't always eat as healthy as we should. Then, I bought the girls vitamins. Which, is great, but I've learned that if Addison wants one, she'll ask for one. Otherwise, don't bother. She'll carry it around with her until she eventually drops it and forgets about it. Maren loves them, on the other hand. To her, its candy, and candy is goooood. Now I need to go out and find vitamins for Kyle and I.

The biggest change, though, is my own eating habits, and (previously) the lack of exercise. I'm starting to ache in strange places, for no apparent reason at all, and all I can think is at my age, I shouldn't be feeling this way. So, I'm changing it. This is still very, very new- as in only three days old, but I am more motivated now than I have been my entire life. I want to feel better about myself, and my appearance! I asked Kyle to hold me accountable to what I eat and when, and I promised him that along with this change, I would start making salads at most, if not every, meal. (I despise salads. I hate lettuce, but don't mind the veggies and fruit that can be added to salads- as long as they're not peppers. Bleh. They revisit in the most terrible of ways!!) And, I've succeeded! Tonight there was no salad, but there was yesterday and the day before that. (Just veggies tonight). :)

So, having said that, I am beginning a weight loss blog. Would you join me there?

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