Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Well, another weekend has come and gone, and this week is nearly over already, too! Its insane how fast time can go. We are planning to head out to Monster Jam in a few weeks; it'll be Kyle's weekend off, my sisters' birthday, and another action packed weekend! The only difference is it will be a kidless weekend. Whoo! There'll be a ton of pictures, so stay tuned!

Here's what we did last weekend:

Addison saying hi to Grandma Lou

 Maren saying hi to Grandpa Gord

I honestly wish I had a better picture of this. Kyle's waterbed frame got a new lease on life- the stain that was on it was stripped, then it got re-painted and antiqued! Our room (once it gets cleaned up and reorganized- there's a ton of stuff in there that the kids aren't allowed to touch that I'd love to put elsewhere in my house) should be featured in a magazine. Seriously. I'm that in love with it. It.looks.ama.zing.!!!!

Another shot of our bed and window. With the waterbed frame in our room, now, its tiny. The bed eats up the majority of our bedroom! I want to take out the dresser, which is at the foot of our bed (I have only about a foot or two of space between the foot of the bed and our dresser), and install an organizer inside our closet. I might make over the dresser (because its ugly and horrid looking. I will not indulge you with pictures. I'm ashamed of it lol) and work it into the closet organizer somehow, but for now, the plan is to one day get a closet organizer. I like the ones that Crappy Tire carry, but I want to have a breeze through Ikea and see what they offer.

Our bed is not a water bed, if you're wondering. We're just using the frame for it. I l.o.v.e. how high it is!!! I love that I get to crawl jump into bed, instead of literally laying down in it. Ugh. It was like getting into a car that feels like you're dragging your hiney on the road while you're driving. Climing into our bed is like climbing into a lifted pick up truck. I LOVE it!!

Haha. Addison pretending to be a puppy

Addison and Grandpa Gord switched hats

My dear friend and I plan hair dates for every couple of months- our hair dresser does our hair at the same time! She's so sweet!  I've been meaning to take a picture of this for eons for Project 365, but haven't done so until now! We had our last appointment on Saturday.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Miss Addison's first crush! Hee...(last time he was here visiting- the day this picture was taken, she actually cried when she thought he left. It made me giggle, but I also thought it was too stinking cute!!!)

Annnnnd the girls' favourite past time these days: horsey rides!!! Haha--I LOVE the grin on Kyle's face!!!! I can hardly wait to scrap this picture!!

Here's my latest layout. Addison has no problem going off and playing on her own. In fact, I'm quite sure that she prefers it, for the most part. We'll often find her sitting quietly on her own, either watching tv, or playing sweetly by herself. For the longest time, it worried me, because I thought she was displaying anti-social characteristics, but I don't worry anymore. I'm happy that she does this. She has always needed her down time, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It worried me, because her sister is the complete opposite. She always needs someone around. Leave her alone for a few minutes, and she'll go wandering around the house looking for either mommy or daddy. There are days that the constant attention wears me out, and I wish that she was a little more independent like her sister, but I LOVE that their personalities are so different. There's nothing wrong with Maren loving and craving social interaction at all. (Part of me actually thinks its because Addison required so.much. attention during their first year, that poor Maren was starved for it. Now that Addison doesn't require it as much anymore, Maren's getting her turn).

Besides, who doesn't like cuddle time with their kiddos?

This layout was created using the July sketch over at Canadian Scrapbooker, and was submitted for the sketchy challenge there. I made my own background- the navy blue paper didn't come printed that way- I stamped it using Whisper White ink (SU). Looks pretty, doesn't it? As I was stamping this particular background, I began thinking of another way to stamp backgrounds using that particular stamp, so keep an eye out for variations of this in other layouts!!

The hot pink, blue gingham and light pink papers are all from Creative Memories, and are the very first items that I ever got that was scrapbook related. You know how long ago that was?! Like 13 or 14 years ago! I don't know why I hung onto those paper strips for this long, but they came in useful on this layout! I wanted to pick up the colours in the picture I used- pink, navy blue and yellow. (On the bunny's pink gingham ribbon, there is yellow flowers). On a side note- someone gave us that bunny at our wedding. It was Easter weekend in '09, and it fit perfectly, considering what weekend it was. (I also  had Mini Eggs hanging on a tree, which ties into the easter theme). Anyways, we don't know who gave it to us (still)- not that it matters. It now belongs to the girls!

The journalling spots were created using a stamp and Whisper White ink (again), then fussy cut. I fussy cut the banner on which the sticker is adhered (which is K&Co), and the yellow ribbon and tag are miscellaneous. The tag was stamped in Night of Navy ink (SU) using a polka dot stamp that I bought from Michaels', then I used a dauber to ink the edges of it. I can't remember where the pink felt heart came from. I have a feeling its a dollar store find, actually. The sentiment? Don't know either. LOL Lastly, the flowers are Prima.


  1. these are cute photos, great memories! thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my CAS card, I did not really use the kissing technique, I just stamped on I did use the two different colors, pink and orange; a favorite color combo, they really contrast nicely. Thanks again for the sweet comment, hope you have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Your layout is so fun and bright, those colors really pop against the dark background, nice job!

  3. Great pics!!! Cute layout too!

  4. Thanks for sharing your adorable photos, Ali! I love them!!!! And your fun layout! I especially like the photo of you and your friend after your haircut! So much fun!!!!!

  5. P.S. Did you change the title of your blog? I love it!!!!!