Sunday, July 22, 2012

Prepare to be Amazed!

On a whim, I brought out one of my scrapbook albums this afternoon, and showed it to the girls. I never imagined that at this age (2.5) they would be so into looking at the pictures in my albums. In total, we browsed through 4 entire scrapbook albums! And, I've concluded that I need to do it a little more often- so they learn the faces of the people in them, and a little bit about who they are. In that respect, its better to start now than when they are older. For example, there's a few layouts with my Oma- the girls' great Oma- and they wouldn't know who she is from Adam. They have met her- when they were tiny little infants, but they don't remember her. And, they'll never know her intimately like I did growing up. But, they can learn about her and love her through the pages that are dedicated to her.

On another note, I'm deeply touched that what I've been dedicated {obsessively} to working on for my family and those still to come, is so special to the girls. Already.  I was almost moved to tears this evening when I was talking with Kyle about it! Of course they would appreciate it, but in my mind, that appreciation would be many years down the road. I never thought that it would be this soon. Wow. Just. Wow!! At least I know (thankfully) none of what's in those albums is in vain. KWIM???!

I have another layout to share tonight:

This was such a fun layout to make! Its based on the Monthly Sketch Challenges' Bonus Sketch for week 3, which you can find right here. I flipped the sketch upside down and turned it backwards so that it would work better with the photo I chose to scrapbook.

And, the picture I chose is still from the Father's Day weekend bash. Here, Auntie is walking with Dear Maren in her arms. I just adore this picture of the two of them! And, I love that she's taking such a keen  interest in spending time with them. But, how could she not? She's my person, after all! She helped bring them into the world- by extension, they're almost like her own children!

I began thinking that when we look back on this picture, we're going to wonder exactly how old Maren was when this picture was taken. So, in the journalling spot, I jotted down the magical number (which is 29 months old. But, I realized that's a typo after I got it scanned. She's actually 28 months old in this picture. My bad!! I still have to fix that).

All the papers I used are K& Co, but not from the same lines. (The one that the title is matted on is from the 'best of' paper pad, and the rest are from the Brenda Walton Designer paper pack). The black card stock is Recollections, I think.

Have a great night, everyone! I'm off to work on another layout before heading off to bed.



  1. That's such a sweet pic and page. Love all the overlapping circles. Really cute design!

  2. This is a wonderful candid photo, Alison! Love the circles in the background :)

  3. Love the circles, this would be a FAB layout design for using some of my scraps!! TFS :)