Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here's to You, Kid

I don't have any layouts or other projects to share with you today, however I do have some great news to share on the home front: today was a momentous day in the potty training department! Holy cow, I'm so happyelatedsurprised proud of Miss Maren!

What she saw in the pot scared her, poor thing, so she cried, but the look of absolute pleasure on her face when her daddy and I praised her for such a job well done was worth it. Of course, a treat (chocolate) for doing such a big girl thing helped too!

My MIL mentioned on Monday when we picked the girls up that she thought Maren would be easier to potty train than Addison (she echoed my own suspicion that I think she doesn't understand the concept of it yet, therefore she isn't ready). So, with a renewed vigour, we're trying (yet again) to consistently potty train. I think Maren is absolutely ready. To tell us continually that she's got to go (#2 mind you), must mean its about time. And she did it! Now to make #1 in there, and we'll at least have a foundation to work from!

Here's to next time, and the time after that!


341* moving forward
342* that the whole situation thing was dropped last weekend
343* for some more temperate weather
344* a day for myself
345* a clean vehicle
346* growth
347* friends
348* popcorn twists
349* the impromptu game of 'eye spy' we played on the trip home from grandma's
350* new words and phrases we've learned
351* hearing Addison singing new songs (ie. head and shoulders)
352* how she's turned 'twinkle twinkle' into rap (LOL)
353* favourite summer time tv shows
354* that 'who's going to be who' is totally backwards, once again
355* that Addison is such a clown
356* that Maren is so sweet and tenderhearted

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