Sunday, July 29, 2012

Post Air Show Outtakes

**Today marks 3 years since the unfortunate tragedy took you from us and you arrived on heaven's doorstep. You were a ray of sunshine while you were here, and now you're basking in His sunshine! You are a treasure that's sincerely loved and incredibly missed. Here's to you, M**

As promised, here's a couple pictures from our day out at Whitecourt Airport, for the air show:

Before the show, Addison looking all pretty with a barrette in her hair (it somehow managed to come out before we left the house)

On the school bus on our way to the air show. THe girls loved riding it so much, they've been talking about it all day. Maren is pretty excited about school- she wants to ride the bus and she wants her backpack!!


Ever ride in one of these?

Maren just totally chilled out! She was off in orbit somewhere...

Both girls relaxing in their stroller

The tickle monster got them!

 F-18 Hornet

vintage plane, not sure what kind it was

Addison in the midst of throwing a temper tantrum. She was looking to see if anyone was paying attention lol

Cuddling up to daddy after the F-18's flight

  Maren asleep in daddy's lap. That white blanket you see- that was my baby blanket!

Cranky pants Maren just woke up from her nap. That sour face just cracks me up!

The parade before the show started. A lot of the American military was up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Alaska Highway

Early in the morning, I used my lipstick to bribe the girls out of our room (daddy brought them in when they woke up because I had just gotten out of the shower) so I could get them dressed. I promised them I'd put lipstick on them if they came with me. It worked! And yes, I put a little bit on each of them lol. Thank goodness its a neutral colour!

Checking out the fire truck

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  1. Awwwww Alison! Such great family photos! I love how you included us in on your wonderful day! The photos are amazing!!!!! I especially love how you used your lipstick!!!!! LOL! that last photo is awesome! TFS these with us!
    P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog, too!